Worth the Wait: A Review of the Maruti Jimny 5-Door Automatic in India

A Review of the Maruti Jimny 5-Door Automatic in India

The Jimny has been popular all over the world, but the 3-door model has been judged too unpractical for our tastes. Maruti took its time and created a 5-door variant as a result.

After a protracted period of waiting during which there were various delays and suspicions that the Jimny might not arrive, the wait was finally over. The fourth generation off-road vehicle, the Jimny, will take the place of the Gypsy. The Jimny has been popular all over the world, but the 3-door model has been judged too unpractical for our tastes. Maruti took its time and created a 5-door variant as a result. So here it is, and starting on June 6 you may purchase one. But the real query is: Should you? Continue reading for more details.

The Jimny and its style have been much debated, but we believe that it successfully combines off-road flair with a compact SUV body. Without making an effort, it is cool. We like how the clamshell bonnet, circular headlights, and grille all pay homage to the car’s heritage. With a 3985mm length, it is little yet nonetheless quite imposing. Pure off-roaders are the slab-sided side with the 15-inch wheels and the spare wheel fitted at the back.

It even has a sturdy build quality and a gorgeous paint finish, which makes it seem durable. Get inside and you can see what it’s all about from the slender interior pillars and high, SUV-style driving position. Although the inside does not have any soft-touch materials, it is nicely constructed and equipped with a fair lot of technology, including a 9-inch touchscreen with wireless smartphone connectivity, a rear camera display, an Arkamys music system, temperature control, and more. However, there isn’t as much technology as there is on the Brezza.

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Although the lack of breadth is noticeable, the front seat space is surprisingly acceptable with excellent headroom and ample support from the seats. The Jimny is marketed as a four-seater, and for good reason—it has just about enough room for two people to stretch out their legs in the back. The SUV is suitable for short trips but not for long ones or even for very tall people. The boot’s 208 litres are just about plenty for a few days’ worth of travel, and 332 litres are added when the back seats are folded down.

It’s time to start driving, and the 1.5 Kseries starts up quietly. The Jimny is simple to operate in urban areas, and you enjoy the elevated driving position and superb vision. The pleasant 4-speed automatic transmission and the refined engine make daily driving a breeze. Its outstanding ride quality and adept handling of city potholes are other strengths. You won’t be moaning about your commute in the city, but the 4-speed automatic does not like to be pushed too hard since it becomes little sluggish. Light throttle inputs are recommended. Although the automated version offers more ease, the manual version is more enjoyable.

Efficiency-wise, it’s not the typical Maruti high double digit statistics; but, cautious city driving will provide roughly 10 kmpl.

To purchase the Jimny based solely on its utility would be incorrect. The superb off-road capability of this SUV plays a significant role in giving it individuality. We engaged in some severe off-roading, which highlighted the abilities of this compact SUV with a ladder frame. An authentic three-link stiff axle suspension and a 4×4 system with 4High and 4Low are present. As a result, with its strong foundation, the Jimny can overcome even the most challenging difficulties.

The strong suspension can withstand anything, and it is really wonderful that it doesn’t become bouncy while keeping control. For the Jimny, scaling steel slopes, scaling rocks, and wading into deep water are all in a day’s work. The important numbers include a 210mm ground clearance, but the abuse it can withstand and the serenity it exhibits when off-roading would shock many more costly SUVs.

The Jimny is neither your typical small SUV, nor is it your typical brand-new Maruti. The Jimny is all about its aesthetics, off-road abilities, and cool factor; you won’t purchase it for its features or fuel efficiency. It is amazing off-road and demonstrates tenacity while teaching a lesson to many more costly off-roaders. It is a true off-roader that is portable and practical for daily usage. We believe the wait was worthwhile.


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