5 Maruti Jimnys 5-door Converted Into Mercedes G-Wagens From Around India [Video]

Maruti Jimny was one of the most awaited products from an Indian manufacturer. The Jimny is now a popular SUV among enthusiasts, and we have seen several videos on the internet where the SUV has proven its off-road capabilities. While Jimny is a popular name globally, we were the first ones to get the more practical 5-door version. The SUV has several aftermarket body kits available internationally. One of the most common types of modification that we have seen in the Jimny is the G-Wagen conversion. Here, we have five such Jimny SUVs that have been converted to look like G-Wagens.

White Jimny Wagen

The first car on the list is from Karnataka. In fact, it was one of the first Jimnys in the country to undergo such a conversion. We have seen several 3-door Jimnys getting conversion kits to look like G-Wagens; however, the 5-door version took some time to arrive. The white-colored Jimny has an aftermarket G-Wagen-like front grille with a Suzuki logo instead of Mercedes. The SUV features G-Wagen-like headlamps, bumpers, wheel arch cladding, turn indicators, spoiler, and tail lamps. The wheels on this SUV are aftermarket units, although they do not have the same design as those seen on a G-Wagen. The SUV continues to draw power from the 1.5-liter K15B petrol engine, and no performance upgrades have been done to it.

Bluish Black J-Wagen

The second Jimny is from Kerala. Both the exterior and interior of this Jimny were customized to look like a G-Wagen. They imported the kit for a 3-door Jimny and made some customizations to make it work for the 5-door version. The final product looks pretty neat. The whole SUV is finished in a bluish-black shade, and the SUV features an orange shade for the interiors. G-Wagen-like bumpers, tail lamps, and fenders were all installed on the SUV. The wheels on this SUV remain stock, as the owner did not upgrade the stock 15-inch alloy wheels from the factory.

Sizzling Red J-Wagen

The third Jimny is finished in a red shade. The owner of this SUV imported the body kit from Dubai and asked a workshop in Nagpur to install it. The whole process of buying and installing the body kit, including other customizations, cost him around Rs 10 lakh. The SUV features aftermarket headlamps, turn indicators, roof-mounted marker lamps, spoiler, 18-inch aftermarket alloy wheels, and so on. There is even a ladder mounted on the tailgate. The interior of this SUV has been finished in yellow and black shades.

Desi G-Wagen

The fourth Jimny on the list is in a Kinetic Yellow shade. The owner of this SUV has used a made-in-India body kit for this Jimny. When compared to other Jimny SUVs on the list, this one lacks finish and looks the least like a G-Wagen. The owner probably did not opt for the whole kit, which affected the overall look. The car features a faux hood scoop, a new bumper, grille, and aftermarket tail lamps as part of the kit. The fenders have also been customized. The SUV also features roof-mounted lights and an aftermarket spoiler to finish the look. The cost of this made-in-India body kit is Rs 1.45 lakh, including installation.

Brabus Jimny

The last Jimny on the list is modified by Punjab-based Sikand Cars. The bluish-black Jimny has been customized inside-out. The front grille, headlamps, and other panels on this SUV have been replaced to make it look like a G63 AMG. The SUV features a Brabus logo instead of Mercedes on the grille. The SUV also comes with roof-mounted lights, G-Wagen tail lights, G-Wagen-style alloy wheels, and so on. This is probably the cleanest-looking conversion that we have on this list. It should be noted that there are more Jimnys in India that have been converted to look like G-Wagens. We just selected five of them that looked different in their own way.

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