Maruti Suzuki’s 5-door Overlander edition Jimny appears prepared to take on any terrain.

Maruti Suzuki's 5-door Overlander edition Jimny

The Maruti Suzuki Jimny’s launch date is approaching, and anticipation for the little off-road vehicle is growing at the same time. Although many people are skeptical of its size and posture, some potential SUV buyers have already decided how they would personalize it. If you fall into this category, you might want to have a look at Bimble Designs’ digital representation of a fully equipped off-road Maruti Suzuki Jimny Overlander Edition.

On the design studio’s Instagram account, there are a few images of the Jimny Overlander Edition that demonstrate how the little Maruti Suzuki Jimny can be converted into a threatening-looking beast. This Overlander Edition, which is based on the soon-to-be-released five-door Jimny, has a number of aesthetic changes and component upgrades to make it appear even better and more appropriate for all-terrain use.

The massive 20-inch all-terrain tires give the Maruti Suzuki Jimny Overlander Edition’s stance a powerful and enhanced appearance. The Jimny has 15-inch alloy wheels as standard, but these computer-generated images show it with enormous 20-inch wheels with the same design but a blacked-out finish. Its road presence is improved even further by the lifting of the suspension for this Edition, which prevents the bigger wheels from seeming awkward.

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The side-mounted exhausts on this Jimny Overlander Edition are similar to those on the somewhat more costly Mercedes-AMG G63. The lower portions of the door panels are covered in vinyl stripes, and the off-road front bumper completely exposes the suspension from the front. The significantly smaller 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine is replaced with a twin-turbo V8 in this computerized representation of the Jimny. The spare tire and wheel are located on the tailgate at the back in the same arrangement as the set that is ready for motion.

The roof-mounted rack for the occupants’ baggage completes the Jimny Overlander Edition’s rugged appearance. All additional changes and additions to the Jimny are feasible, with the exception of the LS switch, which is prohibited and exorbitantly expensive in the Indian setting. The off-road vehicle already has Suzuki’s AllGrip four-wheel drive system, so the addition of these off-road accessories will further increase its capability on off-road surfaces.

In May, Maruti Suzuki intends to introduce the five-door Jimny. To increase interest and anticipation, the off-roader was on display at several NEXA dealer locations around the nation.


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