Deliveries of the Maruti Jimny will begin in 2024, according to breaking news.

Deliveries of the Maruti Jimny will begin in 2024, according to breaking news.

The Jimny was this close to going on sale, but supply chain concerns, another production-related issue, have ruined everything.

Indian devotees have eagerly anticipating the release of the newest generation Jimny since it was initially released in Europe in 2017. For too long, the SUV has been out of India’s price range, and it now appears that the wait will last even longer. The first batch of Jimny SUVs won’t be delivered by Maruti until 2024; the company cites the same excuse as many other automakers in India and abroad: problems in the world’s supply chains. 

Better Jimny, longer wait?

When it came to bringing the Jimny to India, Maruti took its sweet time. A made-for-India Jimny didn’t appear for testing in the Himalayan highlands until last year, despite the carmaker’s repeated claims that it was being considered for our nation and its intense addiction to volume sales.

The Jimny could even have new features by the time the present version is sold to customers after such a long wait. It already has a lot of features for its class, but improvements like a heads-up display, a sunroof, and the new six-speed automatic transmission that Maruti SUVs like the Brezza and Grand Vitara already have could be beneficial.

The Jimny’s protracted waiting period, however, arrives at a time when its hype meter is in the danger zone. With hundreds of reservations piling up each month, it will be a while before the automaker even finishes its initial round of deliveries. Also keep in mind that supply chain issues are not going away anytime soon, thus the 2024 deadline may extend. 

The truth behind the Maruti Jimny 

  • The Jimny’s nine-inch SmartPlay Pro+ touchscreen, temperature control, cruise control, and push-button start are among of its standout features. 
  • The Maruti Jimny is a five-door off-road vehicle with a 1.5-liter K15B engine (the same motor as the Ciaz) and Suzuki’s AllGrip Pro 4×4 technology. 
  • There are two variations available: Zeta and Alpha. Both five-speed manual and four-speed automatic gearboxes are available. 
  • Six airbags, stability control, hill hold and hill descent aid, a rear-view camera, ISOFIX child seat mounts, and a limited-slip differential based on the braking system are all standard across all models. 

Starting price for the Jimny should be approximately Rs. 10 lakh (ex-showroom). You may see the SUV on the dates and locations listed in the following story; it is in fact on exhibit for a brief period in Nexa dealerships in a few cities until next week: 

P.S. : It pains us to make jokes about the beloved SUV since we know how much petrolheads adore the Maruti Jimny. How did you appreciate our April Fools’ joke? Comment below and let us know!


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