Suzuki Jimny shatters bizarre world record

Suzuki Jimny shatters bizarre world record

Nearly 800 miniature Suzuki Jimny off-road vehicles converged in South Africa for an extraordinary world record endeavor.

An enormous assembly of Suzuki Jimny mini off-roaders has smashed an obscure world record. On September 4, 2023, nearly 800 of these pint-sized four-wheel drives simultaneously illuminated their headlights at a festival in South Africa. Representatives from Guinness World Records were present to witness the spectacle. While the record has yet to be officially listed online by Guinness, Suzuki asserts that it has been duly verified.

This endeavor goes beyond a mere record attempt; it’s a heartfelt tribute to a closely-knit and passionate community,” declared the event organizers in a statement. “Jimny enthusiasts worldwide exchange light flashes as a friendly greeting, lovingly referred to as ‘The Jimny Wave.’ The Jimny Gathering is designed to commemorate the indomitable spirit of the iconic Suzuki Jimny and unite its proud owners for a weekend filled with enjoyment, off-roading adventures, and camaraderie.”

It remains uncertain whether this record has been established previously, as there are no comparable attempts recorded in the Guinness archives.

In a tragic turn of events, local media reported that a couple participating in the three-day event near Clarens was discovered deceased inside their tent. Police have initiated an investigation.

The diminutive Suzuki Jimny has gained worldwide acclaim as one of the most sought-after off-road vehicles. In Australia, demand has reached such heights in recent years that used models often command higher prices than brand-new ones.

Suzuki Australia has temporarily suspended orders for three-door automatic variants due to a backlog of orders. Just last month, a batch of 500 units sold out within five hours.

Australia is poised to welcome a five-door variant of the Suzuki Jimny between January and March next year, which will be offered alongside the three-door version. Suzuki Australia has already received over 1500 pre-orders for the five-door Suzuki Jimny.

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