A Guinness Record was achieved as 796 Suzuki Jimny drivers synchronized the activation of their vehicle’s lights.

A Guinness Record was achieved as 796 Suzuki Jimny drivers synchronized the activation of their vehicle's lights.

Guinness World Records encompass an astonishing array of achievements, some of which might take you by surprise. Consider, for instance, the remarkable feat achieved by Suzuki SUV enthusiasts at the Jimny Gathering 2023 in Clarens, South Africa. Here, a staggering 796 Suzuki vehicle owners managed to clinch the title of “Most cars to activate their headlights simultaneously” by synchronizing the illumination of their vehicle’s headlamps.

The Jimny Gathering spanned from September 22 to September 24, 2023, with the record-setting attempt taking place on the final day. The stipulated rules mandated that participants activate their vehicle’s lights within a mere five-second window for the record to be officially recognized.

Beyond the Guinness World Record endeavor, attendees at the Jimny Gathering were treated to a thrilling off-road expedition through the picturesque Maluti Mountains within the Golden Gate Highlands National Park. Additionally, Suzuki played host to the Safari Town Music Festival at Clarens Town Square, which showcased South African musical talents, including bands and DJs. The event also featured an array of delectable food stalls, bars, and local craft vendors.

Turning our attention to Suzuki’s product offerings, in January 2023, the company unveiled the five-door variant of the Jimny (as depicted in the gallery above). This elongated model measures 157 inches in length, in contrast to the existing three-door global version, which is 143.5 inches long. Furthermore, the extended wheelbase of 102 inches represents a substantial increase over the smaller model. Notably, the width remains unchanged. In certain markets, such as India, buyers have the option of a mild-hybrid 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, capable of producing 105 horsepower and 99 pound-feet of torque. This engine can be paired with either a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic transmission. The transfer case offers three settings: 2WD-high, 4WD-high, and 4WD-low.

Suzuki also introduced the limited-edition Jimny Heritage model, with only 300 units available exclusively for the Australian market. This unique offering comes in a choice of Black Pearl, Jungle Green, White, or Medium Grey, boasting retro-inspired decals adorning the body and featuring eye-catching red mudflaps.

Meanwhile, the Jimny Rhino edition, a rarity with only 30 units allocated for Malaysia, distinguishes itself with special body decals, a skid plate for the differential, and aluminum cladding on the side sills and front bumper.

Suzuki has also confirmed its foray into the electric vehicle realm, with an electric version of the Jimny currently in development. Although technical specifics are still pending, the company has announced plans for a total of six electric vehicles, with the first slated to arrive in 2024, and the entire lineup expected to be available by 2030.

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