The first Maruti Jimny in India had a 5-inch raise kit, making it resemble a monster truck. [Video]

Recently, the Maruti Suzuki Jimny has emerged as a top choice among enthusiasts who love customizing their vehicles. From suspension upgrades to fitting larger wheels and tires, people have been transforming their Jimnys to enhance their appearance or off-road capabilities. We came across a YouTube video in which a Jimny owner has customized his SUV by installing a 5-inch lift kit.


In a YouTube video from “Modified Hub,” the presenter demonstrates how he installed a 5-inch suspension lift kit, along with larger wheels and tires, on his bluish-black-coloured Maruti Suzuki Jimny Zeta. As shown in the video, the presenter made all these changes through an aftermarket accessory shop, which performed these extensive mechanical modifications, along with a few cosmetic and mechanical additions.

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With the 5-inch suspension lift kit, this Maruti Suzuki Jimny now boasts a towering stance reminiscent of a rugged off-roader, making it appear ready to conquer the most challenging off-road terrains. The overall demeanour of this compact off-roader looks even more aggressive with the inclusion of larger wheels and chunkier off-road tires. These new wheels and tires are considerably larger than the stock 15-inch alloy wheels and tires, which appear more suited for on-road use.

Towards the end of the video, the presenter offers a 360-degree walkaround of his customized Maruti Suzuki Jimny. Here, he showcases additional customizations, including a unique front grille, a substantial roof-mounted spoiler at the rear, and side-mounted exhaust pipes reminiscent of the G-Wagen. The presenter also hints that further changes and additions are in store to give the Jimny an even more distinctive appearance.

Warranty void?

India’s first Maruti Jimny with a 5 inch lift kit looks like a monster truck [Video]

However, it’s essential to note that all these modifications and alterations will void the standard warranty provided by the car manufacturer. Modifying the mechanical components of a vehicle, such as the suspension, wheels, and tires, immediately nullifies the vehicle’s warranty.

While installing a suspension lift kit and fitting larger wheels and tires can enhance a vehicle’s off-road capabilities, it can also have adverse effects on acceleration, fuel efficiency, and handling. In such cases, the manufacturer will not be held responsible for any negative impacts on the vehicle’s performance, handling, or fuel efficiency.

Apart from other fuel options, certain modifications can be made to your vehicle without altering the original specifications set by the manufacturer. These modifications include changing the colour of your car, adding minor accessories like rain visors and bumper corner protectors, upsizing the tires and wheels to match those of a higher variant of the same vehicle within the limits specified by the carmaker, and engine swapping, for which prior permission from the RTO is required. Violation of any of these rules will result in the vehicle owner being liable to pay a fine of Rs 5,000 per alteration or facing imprisonment for up to six months.

However, it’s important to note that structural changes to vehicles are not legal in India. Both the Supreme Court of India and the Motor Vehicle Act prohibit such modifications for use on public roads. Such vehicles can be considered project cars and used on private properties, such as racing tracks or at a farmhouse. Nevertheless, they may be seized by the police if found on public roads.

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