MG’s Strategy to Compete with BMW in Australia: A Look at IM Motors’ Latest Electric Offering

MG's Strategy to Compete with BMW in Australia: A Look at IM Motors' Latest Electric Offering

IM Motors, a high-end subsidiary under China’s SAIC Motor, has taken the wraps off its new electric vehicle (EV) during the Chengu motor show. This launch comes with strategic implications for the Australian market, as the eye-catching IM LS6 ‘coupe SUV’ will be introduced bearing the familiar MG emblem.

Negotiations are underway with the factory, and Mr. Ciao, the driving force behind this initiative, believes that the esteemed MG brand holds the potential to excel across a broad spectrum of vehicle types and price ranges, possibly even surpassing $100,000. “I’m in active discussions on this matter,” he informed CarExpert recently. “I hold the belief that MG can adeptly cater to diverse customer preferences. In the luxury vehicle segment, I’ve laid out three options, but my primary focus currently centers on introducing the opulent LS6.”

While the IM LS6 is slated for a Chinese debut in late 2023 or early 2024, Australian enthusiasts might need to exercise patience until 2025 to experience it firsthand.

In its home market, the ‘coupe SUV’ comes at a price range of ¥230,000 to ¥300,000 (approximately A$49,200 to A$64,200). Astonishingly, over 6,000 pre-orders were placed within just eight hours, according to CarNewsChina.

The LS6 offers a choice between two robust dual-motor all-wheel drive powertrain options. The more potent variant boasts an impressive 379kW of power. It’s reported that the LS6 can achieve 0-100km/h in a mere 3.48 seconds, with a top speed of 252km/h.

Juiced by an undisclosed-capacity battery pack featuring either a 500V or 900V electrical framework, the LS6 excels in fast-charging. The 900V configuration supports peak DC fast-charging of up to 396kW, allowing for an addition of 200km of CLTC range in just five minutes. IM Motors asserts a CLTC-tested range of over 750km for the LS6.

With dimensions measuring 4904mm in length, 1988mm in width, and 1669mm in height, accompanied by a 2950mm wheelbase, the LS6 outstretches its rivals, including the top-selling Tesla Model Y, and holds a comparable size to the Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV.

The LS6’s interior showcases a steering yoke and expansive screens that span the dashboard’s entire width. Mr. Ciao has expressed his desire to integrate these features into Australian-spec vehicles.

The electric ‘coupe SUV’ is also equipped with an array of autonomous driving and parking systems, aiming to enable full door-to-door autonomous commuting by 2025.

Apart from the LS6, IM Motors’ luxury portfolio includes the LS7 SUV and L7 sedan, initially earmarked for the Australian market but since reconsidered.

The LS6 won’t be the sole high-ticket MG-branded offering in Australia, as the eagerly anticipated Cyberster electric roadster is also set to make its debut in 2025.

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