How to Make Your Tata Harrier Look Like a Lamborghini Urus

Make Your Tata Harrier Look Like a Lamborghini Urus

With every passing day, the Tata Harrier continues to garner attention for its unique styling and capable performance. However, its boxy profile and subdued design may leave you longing for a more exotic look. If you find yourself wanting to transform your Harrier into a Lamborghini Urus, here are a few modifications you can make to achieve a similar style. With some creative custom work, your Harrier can turn heads with a customized design inspired by one of the world’s most lavish SUVs. By the time you finish these modifications, onlookers may do a double take to confirm that there isn’t a Raging Bull badge on your grille.

Choosing a Lamborghini Urus Body Kit for Your Tata Harrier

To transform your Tata Harrier into a Lamborghini Urus lookalike, the first step is choosing a high-quality body kit designed specifically for your model. These kits typically include:

  • Front and rear bumpers: Replace your stock bumpers with wider, aggressively-styled bumpers that resemble the Urus. Make sure the kit includes mesh grilles and cutouts for parking sensors and tow hooks.
  • Side skirts: Add low-profile side skirts along the rocker panels to give the sides a more sculpted look like the Urus.
  • Spoiler: A raised spoiler on the rear hatchback will make your Harrier appear lower and wider. Some kits offer spoilers that closely imitate the Urus spoiler shape and style.
  • Wheel arches: Bold wheel arch extensions that widen the wheel wells will allow fitting larger alloy wheels for a true Urus-inspired stance.

When selecting a body kit, choose a high-quality polyurethane kit for the best fit and finish. Fiberglass kits can be more difficult to install and may require extra work to align properly. For the most authentic Urus replica, consider a kit that has been specially designed and fitted for the Tata Harrier, as universal kits may require additional modifications.

With a complete Lamborghini-style body kit installed, your Harrier will turn heads and exude the prestige of an exotic luxury SUV. Combined with large alloy wheels, performance upgrades, and a custom paint job, the transformation will be truly stunning. With some investment and effort, you can make your Harrier an automotive work of art.

Installing the Lamborghini Urus Body Kit on Your Tata Harrier

To transform your Tata Harrier into a Lamborghini Urus replica, installing an authentic-looking body kit is essential. Here are the steps to properly install a Lamborghini Urus body kit on your Tata Harrier:

  1. Purchase a high-quality Lamborghini Urus body kit designed specifically for the Tata Harrier. Reputable brands will ensure an exact fit and premium materials that mimic the sleek curves of the Urus.
  2. Find an experienced mechanic or body shop with expertise installing body kits and cosmetic modifications. The complex curves and angles of the Urus body kit require precision to achieve an authentic look. Improper installation can result in ill-fitting panels, scratches, or mechanical issues.
  3. Remove the original bumpers, side skirts, front grille, and trim pieces from your Harrier. This may require temporarily removing additional components to access mounting points. Take care not to damage any parts that will be re-used.
  4. Test fit all components of the body kit to ensure proper alignment before final installation. Make any necessary adjustments to the positioning or mounting points.
  5. Mount the new body kit components starting with the bumpers and side skirts, then moving upwards to the grille, trim, and badging. Secure each part according to the instructions, double checking alignments.
  6. Inspect the finished installation to ensure all body kit components are securely mounted, aligned properly, and have a uniform gap between panels. Make any final adjustments before driving the vehicle.

With some time and patience, you can transform your Tata Harrier into a nearly identical replica of the Lamborghini Urus. But take care to do the job right or you may end up with an imitation that looks anything but authentic.

Adding Finishing Touches to Complete the Lamborghini Urus Look

Add Spoilers and Side Skirts

To complete the Lamborghini Urus look, adding spoilers and side skirts will give your Tata Harrier a sportier profile. Bolt-on spoilers can be purchased from aftermarket suppliers and attached to the rear of the vehicle to replicate the Urus’ angular spoiler. Side skirts, or rocker panels, are panels that run along the bottom edge of the vehicle body to make it appear lower to the ground. Aftermarket side skirts can be installed to emulate the Urus’ aggressive stance.

Install Performance Exhaust Pipes

Switching out the stock exhaust pipes for wider, chrome exhaust pipes is an easy way to make your Harrier resemble the Urus. Performance exhaust pipes not only change the look of the vehicle but can also improve engine sound and power. For the Urus style, choose exhaust pipes with a dual oval or trapezoidal shape and chrome finish.

Add Flashy Chrome Rims

Nothing transforms a vehicle’s look quite like new rims. Replace the standard Tata Harrier rims with large, chrome rims for a custom Lamborghini Urus appearance. Chrome rims, especially those with an intricate spoke design, complement the Urus’ lavish style. For the closest match, choose rims between 20 to 23 inches in size.

Lower the Suspension

Lowering the suspension of your Harrier will give it the same lowered stance as the Lamborghini Urus. Lowering suspension kits can drop your Harrier by 1 to 3 inches to reduce the wheel gap and make the tires appear more prominent. Not only will a lowered suspension emulate the Urus, but it can also improve handling and cornering. However, it may reduce ride comfort and ground clearance.

Following these tips to add spoilers, side skirts, performance exhaust pipes, flashy chrome rims, and a lowered suspension will transform your Tata Harrier into a nearly spitting image of the opulent Lamborghini Urus. With a few strategic modifications, you’ll be turning heads in no time.


You now have the information and resources required to transform your Tata Harrier into a Lamborghini Urus lookalike. With some mechanical upgrades, custom bodywork, and a new paint job, you’ll be cruising the streets in a vehicle that turns heads and stops traffic. The journey to build your dream SUV won’t be easy, but with patience and persistence, you’ll accomplish your goal. When complete, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind vehicle to call your own and will have learned valuable skills along the way. The only question remaining is – are you up for the challenge? If so, roll up your sleeves, get out the tools, and get started on your custom Lamborghini Harrier today. The open road awaits!

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