Can Maruti’s Jimny in the defence industry recapture the charm of the Gypsy?

jimny vs gypsy

The new all-wheel-drive (AWD) Jimny from Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL), which provided its legendary Gypsy to defence and paramilitary forces from the middle of the 1980s till 2019, may catch the attention of the industry. On June 7, it will be made available.

The business claims that it has already received several inquiries for the Jimny from the military services. The Jimny lacks a soft-top option, unlike the Gypsy, which might have been used to put weapons or armouries on the vehicle’s roof, but the manufacturer is certain it can meet future demands.

Senior Executive Officer at MSIL Shashank Srivastava stated to businessline that “We will of course continuously monitor the requirements as we always do for all our products, and see if any change is required…we are in touch with some of the Defence people.” There have been inquiries for the automobile, and the business will consider fulfilling all demands.

maruti gypsy

The business claimed that while the Gypsy was unquestionably an iconic brand, the Jimny might serve as a suitable successor. Originally released in 1970, the Jimny is now offered in 199 nations and Suzuki has sold about 30,000 of the SUV.

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However, there are also some potential drawbacks to using the Jimny in the defence sector. The Jimny is a relatively new vehicle, and it is not yet clear how reliable it will be in the long term. The Jimny is also not as heavily armored as the Gypsy, which could make it more vulnerable to attack.

Overall, it is too early to say whether Maruti will be able to recreate the Gypsy magic with the Jimny in the defence sector. The Jimny has a number of advantages over the Gypsy, but it is also a relatively new vehicle. It will be interesting to see how the Jimny performs in the defence sector over the next few years.

The Jimny has been converted from its original three-door design to a five-door model to accommodate markets like India. This All Wheel Drive (AWD) will make its world debut in India and be exported to a few Latin American and West Asian nations. According to Srivastava, the ‘Made in India’ five-door Jimny will be an addition to the three-door Jimny that MSIL has already been exporting since 2021.

Analysts claim that Jimny is positioned to establish a new market niche and has the potential to transform Maruti Suzuki India’s brand image.

Jimny and Gypsy are two unique items made for diverse market niches with a range of attitudes and desires. Unquestionably, Maruti Suzuki is making a significant effort to cater to its brave, adventurous, and adventurous client base. the director of SP Global Mobility, Puneet Gupta.


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