BlaBlaCar Bus Review: What You Need to Know 2023

BlaBlaCar Bus Review What You Need to Know 2023

Whether you’re looking to save cash to your shuttle or lessen your carbon footprint, sharing your experience with others is an appealing choice. BlaBlaCar Bus review aims to make ride-sharing more convenient and affordable. The service matches you with drivers already planning to travel to your destination so you can catch a ride with them. All you need to do is e-book a seat, display up, and experience the ride even as lowering site visitors and emissions.

BlaBlaCar Bus currently operates in 22 countries, primarily in Europe and South America. Tens of hundreds of thousands of members use the service for each day commutes in addition to long-distance tour between towns and nations. Rides normally price among $five to $30, depending on the distance. While the service can save you a significant amount compared to other transportation options, you do have to be comfortable riding with strangers. Read on to learn everything you need to know about BlaBlaCar Bus to determine if ride-sharing is right for you.

What Is BlaBlaCar Bus?

BlaBlaCar Bus is a popular intercity bus service that operates in several countries across Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia.

How It Works

BlaBlaCar Bus connects travelers with bus operators to offer affordable fares for intercity travel. You can book seats on scheduled bus routes through their website or mobile app. The model is much like that of low-value airways wherein you could discover very cheap fares if you e-book earlier.

Once you ebook your price ticket, you in reality show up on the departure factor at the scheduled date and time, present your ticket or booking connection with the driving force, and take your seat on the bus. BlaBlaCar Bus aims to make intercity bus travel more accessible by providing an easy booking platform and lower fares. Some key things to know:

  1. Check their website for routes and schedules. Not all areas are served, so see if they offer service for your desired trip.
  2. Book in advance for the best deals. You can find fares from $5 to $15 for many routes if you book 3 to 6 weeks ahead. Last-minute bookings will be higher.
  3. Luggage allowance varies. Most allow one carry-on bag and one checked bag weighing no more than 50 pounds total. Check details for your specific trip.
  4. Seating is basic. Expect standard reclining seats with legroom similar to budget airlines. No frills but gets you there at a low cost.
  5. Cancelations often permitted. You can commonly cancel as much as 24 hours before departure for a complete refund. Read the exact policy for your booking.

BlaBlaCar Bus aims to make travel accessible to all by facilitating cheap intercity bus rides. If you want an affordable option to get from A to B, it’s worth checking their service for your next trip. With some flexibility and planning, you can find great deals on bus fares and save money versus other transport modes.

How BlaBlaCar Bus Works

To use BlaBlaCar Bus, you first need to create an account on their website or mobile app. Once registered, you may search for available bus routes to your region and reserve a seat.

Finding and Booking a Ride

BlaBlaCar Bus operates over 1,000 routes in 22 countries across Europe, South America, India, and Mexico. To find a ride, enter your origin and destination points as well as your travel dates. The search will display all available bus options for your trip. Compare schedules, prices, and reviews to choose a bus that suits your needs.

When you’re ready to book, select a seat and complete the reservation process by paying for your ticket online using a credit or debit card. Your ticket might be emailed to you, which you ought to either print out or have available to your cellular tool to expose the motive force while boarding the bus.

Boarding and Riding

Make positive to arrive at your departure point at the least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time to check in with the driving force. Have your ticket ready to be scanned for verification. Once checked in, you can board the bus and take your pre-assigned seat.

BlaBlaCar Bus aims to provide a comfortable riding experience. All busses provide amenities like reclining seats, WiFi, power shops, air conditioning, and a lavatory. Some routes also provide snacks, drinks, and entertainment options onboard. Relax, experience the experience, and take within the surroundings for your adventure.

At the quit of your ride, the bus will drop you off at your very last destination. Exit the bus, claim any checked baggage, and you’ve arrived! Overall, BlaBlaCar Bus offers an affordable, convenient way to travel with extra comfort and perks not found on a typical bus.

BlaBlaCar Bus Routes and Destinations

BlaBlaCar Bus offers bus service throughout Europe with over 3,000 destinations in 22 countries. Their routes cover most important cities as well as smaller cities, offering an low cost manner to tour among locations that won’t be without problems reachable via different means of delivery.

Major Cities and Capitals

BlaBlaCar Bus offers frequent service between most major European cities and capitals, including:

  • Paris, France to Brussels, Belgium
  • Berlin, From Germany to Prague, Czech Republic
  • Madrid, Spain to Barcelona, Spain
  • London, UK to Edinburgh, UK

These popular routes typically run multiple times per day, allowing for flexibility in scheduling. Tickets for these short to mid-range trips are very budget-friendly, especially if booked in advance.

Rural Destinations and Smaller Towns

In addition to major hubs, BlaBlaCar Bus provides essential connections between smaller towns and more rural areas across Europe that commercial bus companies may not serve. This opens up the possibility for vacationers to discover off-the-beaten-route destinations at an low-priced price. Some example routes include:

  • Annecy, France to Chamonix, France
  • Salzburg, Austria to Hallstatt, Austria
  • Siena, Italy to Montepulciano, Italy

While frequency may be lower for these more remote routes, BlaBlaCar Bus aims to provide at least one bus per day, even to Europe’s most secluded corners. Tickets remain competitively priced given the destinations.

Overall, BlaBlaCar Bus offers an extensive network throughout much of Europe, from bustling metropolises to quaint country villages. Their routes provide vital connections between destinations, especially those that are more difficult to reach through other transit options. With a range of schedules and fares to suit any budget, BlaBlaCar Bus makes exploring Europe accessible to all.

BlaBlaCar Bus Ticket Prices and Booking

BlaBlaCar offers affordable bus travel across Europe. Ticket prices vary depending on the route, demand, and time of travel. In preferred, you may expect to pay between $5 to $30 for a one-manner bus price ticket.

Booking Tickets

You can book BlaBlaCar bus tickets on their website or mobile app. It is usually recommended to e book at the least 2-3 days earlier for the excellent rates and seat selection. Last minute bookings, within 24 hours of departure, may have limited seat options remaining but can sometimes still offer good deals.

When booking, you will want to provide private details like your call, email deal with and call number. You will also need to choose a seat, as all BlaBlaCar busses have assigned seating. Seats near the front and aisle seats tend to fill up fastest. For extra legroom, consider reserving an exit row seat.

Payment is made at the time of booking through credit score/debit card or PayPal.. BlaBlaCar bus tickets are non-refundable, though you can make changes to your reservation up to 2 hours before departure for a small fee. Changes are subject to seat availability on your new desired bus.

Discounts and Promo Codes

BlaBlaCar frequently offers promo codes and discounts of 10-30% off bus fares. Check their website and social media for the latest promo codes before booking. Some tips to find deals:

  • Book midweek or non-peak days like Tuesday-Thursday for the lowest fares. Weekends and holidays tend to be most expensive.
  • Look for flash sales and limited time offers. BlaBlaCar releases promo codes and markdowns on bus tickets at random times.
  • Check coupon sites like RetailMeNot, or DealsPlus for working BlaBlaCar promo codes and discounts.
  • Follow BlaBlaCar on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to get notified of sales and promo codes as soon as they are released.
  • Consider a BlaBlaCar bus pass if you plan to take multiple trips. Passes can offer up to 50% off standard fares.
  • Look for student discounts and youth promo codes for ages 18-26. BlaBlaCar offers special rates for young travelers and students.
  • Don’t forget to also check with your bank or credit card company for additional travel rewards or cash back on BlaBlaCar bus bookings.

Our BlaBlaCar Bus Review: The Pros and Cons

Our BlaBlaCar Bus review found both positive and negative aspects of using their bus service. Here are the main pros and cons to consider before booking your trip:


  • BlaBlaCar Bus offers affordable fares, especially if booking in advance. Fares are usually 30-50% cheaper than taking a train or bus. They frequently run sales and promo codes for even lower fares.
  • The service provides direct bus routes to many popular destinations not always served by other transport options. Routes cover most of Europe, as well as Morocco and Turkey.
  • BlaBlaCar Bus aims for a comfortable travel experience with amenities like reclining seats, Wi-Fi, power outlets and free snacks. Busses are equipped with restrooms and air conditioning.
  • Customer service is available to assist with any troubles before, at some stage in or after your journey. You can contact them thru cellphone, chat or electronic mail.


  • BlaBlaCar Bus has a limited route network compared to major bus and rail operators. Service may not be available for your specific origin and destination points.
  • Busses can take longer than a train or flight, especially for long-distance trips. Some routes include one or more drop-offs or connections, potentially increasing total travel time.
  • Luggage allowance policies are more restrictive. Each passenger is allowed one carry-on bag and one checked bag within certain size and weight limits. Extra or oversized baggage incurs additional fees.
  • Boarding and drop-off points are typically outside of city centers at designated stops. You may need extra time and transportation to reach the final stop. Locations can change, so check details for your specific trip.
  • Reliability and punctuality can vary. While most trips operate on schedule, traffic, weather conditions and other factors may lead to delays. It is best to allow some buffer time in your itinerary.

In summary, BlaBlaCar Bus deserves consideration for budget-friendly European travel, but you need to go in with realistic expectations about the service. For some, the lower fares and direct routes will outweigh the potential downsides. For others, a train or bus may better suit their needs and priorities. Evaluate based on your own travel preferences and requirements.

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