Suzuki Jimny GLX 4AT Specifications, Capabilities, and Price.

Suzuki Jimny GLX 4AT

if not ever, the most fashionable and appealing off-road vehicle to enter production. due to its cube-like size, the flat panels’ intelligent positioning, and the significant off-roader components. Its visual symmetry is virtually flawless. The Jimny is likewise devoid of any drawbacks. We have to be careful not to attract a crowd as we walk by since it attracts so many admiring glances. Usually, everyone is anxious to take a photo and has their phone out. (Jimny Maruti Suzuki)

While taking pictures of the Jimny, I can’t help but keep the Mercedes G-Wagon in the back of my mind. The “derived” parts are easily distinguished. Despite what Suzuki might say, the grille and headlamp set are genuine Jeep components. The Jimny, however, also possesses a unique personality and a lot of swagger.

So why does Maruti appear hesitant to release such a popular SUV in the Indian market? especially considering that Gurgaon is where it is actually produced and shipped to other parts of the world. Even this particular car’s firewall identifying plate says “Maruti Suzuki India”!


The Suzuki Jimny’s Engine

Suzuki Jimny engine

Its distinctiveness from the typical Suzuki soft-roader is one of the causes. If you look closely, you’ll see that there are substantial differences. The engine’s longitudinal, or north-south, location is the first cue. The drive is then directly sent to the vehicle’s rear wheels, which are supported by a ladder frame. You’ll be on the right route if Gypsy is the option you think about instead of Brezza. Maruti can refer to it as the Gypsy or Grand Gypsy.

A sturdy axle up front is another crucial element. As a result, more off-road articulation will be feasible. When one wheel descends, the stiff axle’s centre acts as a fulcrum and raises the other wheel. Consequently, there is more support. Additionally, the Jimny has a low-range.

You may manually select between “2WD-high,” “4WD-high,” and “4WD-low” owing to what seems to be the short selector rod from the Gypsy. A set of differentials with mechanical locking is not what you receive. Instead, Suzuki employs a system of electronic traction control that instantly halts sliding wheels and redistributes torque to other wheels.

Where do you believe the “sub-four metre rule” received its rationale if it wasn’t created to follow specifications for the little Japanese kei-car? Although the Jimny is also designed to be small, the international model is slightly bigger. Its dimensions are 3.6 meters longer, 1.6 meters wider, and 1.7 meters tall, which you might not be aware of. It is known as Jimny Sierra. The width is less than the height. The Jimny three-entryway also has 210mm of ground leeway, a 37deg methodology point, and better breakover and flight points than the Jeep Wrangler.

Suzuki Jimny: Manoeuvring and Riding

Suzuki Jimny: Manoeuvring and Riding

Due to the ladder frame, the Jimny rides very differently from a standard Maruti. especially the sturdy front axle. The ride is still a touch slow, even if it isn’t quite as bad as it would be on a Gypsy, especially when moving through terrain with bad pavement. The Jimny also rolls back and forth over uneven terrain. As you accelerate, the ride becomes a little bit smoother thanks to the extended travel suspension’s improved ability to smooth out the road. One thing is for sure, though: Maruti will have a difficult time making the four-door Indian version ride and handle securely. It’s important to keep in mind that Suzuki had to widen the Gypsy’s track in India as well, giving the widened vehicles the suffix “W.”

I’ve driven a Jimny before, so I can attest that the steering isn’t what you may anticipate. This is partially due to the fact that it uses a rack and pinion mechanism rather than a recirculating ball setup. Additionally, the heavy solid axle up front serves as a warning indicator. Because it can turn 3.9 revolutions lock to lock and can spin a lot (something I haven’t yet been able to do in the Jimny), it is better suited for off-road driving.

Generally speaking, this is effective on straight stretches of road. But since the Jimny isn’t exactly manoeuvrable around curves, it might become annoying if you have to weave through traffic. The Jimny looks generally content while being driven more slowly. Flip is present, traction on the small tires is subpar, and the sluggish steering feels out of step with the rest of the car.

With the horsepower and engine that are available, this actually works well. The engine in use is the well-known K15B, with about 102 horsepower. The four speed automatic gearbox uses a lot of power even though it can support a kerb weight of about 1.2 tonnes. 

Although the engine has good early reflexes and handles slow-moving traffic well, it occasionally needs more intermediate power. This implies that in order for it to produce power, you need to rev it up rapidly. It implies that it is constantly trying. If we get the same engine, the five door should hit 100 km/h in around twelve and a half seconds. Unexpectedly, the brakes on this automobile also have a retro vibe.

Jimny’s Interior and Features are Described.

Jimny's Interior and Features are Described.

The size might certainly make Jimny feel restricted and uneasy. Nothing is more false than that. The large square doors open widely and make it simple for you to enter. The vertical walls inside the cube provide the impression of space. You don’t feel quite as close to the passenger, despite the fact that there isn’t nearly as much room as in the Mahindra Thar.

Additionally, the boxy designs provide excellent visibility. Strong and offering a sense of security, the A-pillars also permit an unhindered view over the hood and excellent driving vision. Suzuki vehicles frequently offer comfortable, supportive seats, but this particular model has greater bolstering and side support than others. A larger seat and more padding would have made it much more comfortable.

The numerous faux exposed fasteners on the dashboard demonstrate Suzuki’s desire to incorporate several design ideas from the previous Jimny or Gypsy. The squared instrument panel, separate blocks for the speedometer and tachometer, and the grip handle that has been solidly incorporated into the dash all make me think of the Gypsy.

There are too many easily recognizable Maruti components inside the Jimny, as well as a lot of unappealing black plastic, but there are also big, easy-to-turn air conditioning knobs and piano-key-style controls with stylish chrome accents. I must admit that I enjoy the way the dash appears, particularly given its uncomplicated design; it almost has a utilitarian vibe.

It’s not as difficult as I anticipated to get into the back. This is done so that the front seat may slide all the way forward and that entering via the front door only requires a modest bending. Just one leg can fit in the narrow, low-back chairs at the back. I can stretch out on the backrest and raise my feet in front. I don’t feel constrained because of the square sides, but it is still obvious that this is not the place to unwind after a long journey.

Additionally, boot space is scarce. It does, however, have a distinct design and is customizable. If you wish to go three up with some luggage, make two cabin bags or strollers stand up in the boot with the backrests straight and the seats split 50:50. To increase room by up to 830 litres, the back seats may also be folded flat.

The Suzuki Jimny is on the Market in India.

It is simple to understand why Maruti would want to market a five-door Jimny in India. Room, comfort, and utility are three factors that are probably best combined. The Jimny will evolve into a vehicle with five doors that can serve as both a family vehicle and a primary off-road leisure vehicle.

Even still, it is disappointing that Maruti has yet to introduce the three-door Jimny in India despite the fact that the vehicle is produced here. The Jimny, like the Mahindra Thar, would make for a great second or third car since it is beautiful, practical, and useable on a daily basis, especially if you don’t need to utilize the back seats all the time. Due to how alluring it is, it might even outsell the five door. It might be the reason why it hasn’t yet been made available for purchase.


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