Maruti Jimny TVC Attacks Live Young, Live Free Impact of Mahindra Thar?

The SUVs’ ability in challenging settings like snow, high-altitude terrain, dirt roads, rivers, etc. are highlighted in the Jimny TVC for India.


The Maruti Jimny’s challenge is to take on the powerful Mahindra Thar. The latter is undoubtedly more attractive and has a large fan base of fanatics. In contrast, the Jimny (3-door variant) is a worldwide hit.

It will be challenging for Jimny to persuade its target group to switch when there are goods on the market like Thar that have cult-like followings. Yet, efforts are ongoing, as seen by the most recent Jimny TVC made available by Maruti Suzuki. It’s clear that 5-door Jimny is striving to channel Thar’s vibrant, youthful, free-spirited energy.

Maruti Jimny TVC: Real Tales Inspiring

Actual SUV users from all around the world are featured in the Jimny TVC for India. It highlights Jimny’s international credentials, which may assist the target audience in India form favourable opinions of the company.

One of the tales centres on a couple who scaled South Africa’s five highest peaks. In a different tale, devotees are described as having driven their Jimny to the famous archaeological site Pit of Bones in Spain. The official Jimny TVC for India may be seen here.

Jimny is essentially emphasising its worldwide reach and connection to the next generation of dreamers in all of these. Comparatively, Thar presumably cannot offer comparable tales because it has not yet been introduced to international markets. Thar’s market has been limited within its own country because to copyright difficulties. FCA appears to be closely monitoring Thar’s aspirations for the world. Thar’s debut in Australia was postponed earlier in 2021 as a result of legal actions.

For the Jimny TVC for India, the intended demographic seems to encompass both adventurers and small families as well as lone travellers. Jimny seems to be aiming for a far wider user base. Thar has also changed to become a family-oriented vehicle, but the family motif is not apparent from the outside. Jimny 5-door, in contrast, has a friendlier mood and is available in a variety of appealing colour combinations.

Jimny – 1970 Birth Year

Since 1970, Suzuki has been manufacturing the Jimny. In India, the second-generation model was marketed as the Maruti Gypsy. The target market for Jimny 5-door may include those who enjoyed the Gypsy. The Maruti Gypsy is still in use by several Indian military and police organisations.

Mahindra has introduced a cost-effective 4X2 variant of the Thar in response to the Jimny threat. It is offered for sale for Rs. 9.99 lakh. The 1.5-liter diesel engine from the XUV300 is used in the 4X2 diesel versions. The regular 4X4 Thar’s 2.0-liter turbo petrol engine is the same. While Thar is usually a spectacle on the streets, people with more serious tastes might choose the Maruti Jimny. Thar seems to have an advantage over Jimny while off-roading. Another important aspect that will impact Jimny’s prospects in India is pricing.

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