Is The Suzuki Jimny A Better Off-roader Than The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and the Mercedes G-63 AMG? [VIDEO]

Jeep Wrangler and the Mercedes-Benz G-63 AMG are both large, costly SUVs. Can they compete with a Suzuki Jimny on an off-road track?


When it comes to SUVs, larger is better. It isn’t true, though, when an SUV is utilised in the wild to the fullest extent possible since smaller SUVs are simpler to manoeuvre. Here is a video that will further support this proverb of ours. The video was posted to the CarWow channel on YouTube. On an off-road course, the presenter compares three of the most well-known 4×4 SUVs in the video. The Mercedes-Benz G-63 AMG, Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, and Suzuki Jimny Sierra are the three SUVs that are contrasted in the film. We want you to know that these autos are all completely stock, so stop thinking. Moreover, the tyres are factory-specified.

The course’s first obstacle in the film is a slick upward slope. All three SUVs begin at the same time, but the G-63 rises to the top before the Suzuki Jimny and Jeep Wrangler. The second obstacle is the axle twister. The G-63 AMG had to tackle it with additional caution because to the side-mounted exhausts even though all the vehicles perform here with identical timings. These automobiles then encounter a sequence of banked sections. The Wrangler was the vehicle that performed best along this route with no problems at all. The G-63 AMG performed admirably as well, but the Jimny’s small weight caused it to bounce about a lot, raising concerns that it would overturn.

The circuit where each car has to pass through a muck-filled trench, do a U-turn to get around a tree, and then return to the same spot from the other direction is now the most significant barrier in the entire film. This obstacle represented a real-world situation that off-roaders encounter while travelling through wooded areas where the roadways are typically small. Because of its small size, the Jimny handles this one with ease.

The Wrangler and G-63 AMG follow the Wrangler in completing this feat. The vehicles begin descending the slope they began on after this course. The Jimny doesn’t seem to be a very good SUV while tackling a downhill slope. The final challenge in the clip is an upward slope with a slippery surface. It seems clear that the Jeep Wrangler is at fault in this situation.

In terms of features and pricing, the G-63 AMG has a price tag of Rs. 2.19 Crore and a 585 horsepower power output. The Wrangler features a 268 HP engine under the bonnet and costs Rs. 68.94 lakhs in India. The Jimny, on the other hand, is not yet for sale in India but is scheduled to debut later this year. The motor will have the same 102 Horsepower as the one in the UK-spec vehicle. Less than Rs. 15.00 lakh would be required.

Hence, it is clear that Jimny is the most competent and reasonably priced 4X4 SUV now offered for sale worldwide. Both the front and back axles are robust, and Suzuki’s sophisticated braking system is included. This system has the ability to independently brake each tyre, which allows it to direct power to the wheel with the most traction. As a result, it may be said that cheap and compact are also competent.

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