How Does The Maruti Jimny Compare To The Powerhouses From The Prior Segments?

Can the underdog be able to compete with the veterans from the portions above?


The Maruti Jimny is the newest off-road Vehicle on the marketplace, and even though its pricing hasn’t been revealed yet, we predict it’ll be among the most cheap models available. But, don’t be misled by that remark since the Jimny still has enough of off-roading equipment backing up its promise, even though it won’t burn a hole in your wallet the size of a crater.

Yet after a careful inspection, it appears to be strong enough to compete with SUVs from two or even three divisions above that are much more expensive. Now let’s check out how the Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes G-Wagon, and Land Rover Defender stack up against the small little Maruti Jimny’s off-roading capabilities on paper:

Now to be clear, comparing the engines of both cars would be pointless because the Jimny was never recognised for having much power available. There is no way the Jimny could compete with the rest of the group in that area because they have larger and more powerful engine options. Hence, before you become used to the possibility of a groan, remember that it wasn’t intended to, so there’s no need to worry. Let’s get to the point at hand:

Off-road Equipment


The coil spring suspension is standard on all of these SUVs, while the Mercedes’ suspension may be adjusted owing to adaptive dampers. While an air suspension is an optional addition for the Defender, it is also available.

The Jimny and Wrangler maintain an antiquated configuration with sturdy front and rear axles, which provides superb wheel articulation. The G-Wagon only has an independent axle at the front, but the Defender has one all around. The Defender also has a solid axle in the back.

All of these SUVs come standard with four-wheel drive, however the Jimny and Wrangler’s system is a part-time four-wheel drive system, allowing it to revert to two-wheel drive as needed. All four SUVs come standard with a locking differential and low-range transmission, however the latter’s capabilities vary depending on the model.

Off-road Statistics


*Data for the coil suspension model, not the air suspension model, is being used

Not terrible at all, huh? The Jimny seems like a great deal, especially given the price differential of at least five times between it and the rest of the group. It has the sharpest departure angle of the group, and boasts superior approach and departure angles than both the Mercedes G-Wagon and the Land Rover Defender (90).

The best angles for approach, ramp over, and departure are higher.

The Maruti Jimny is essentially tied with the competition on paper. Although we are unsure of how these off-roading criteria will work in practise, we believe that for the bulk of the components, the Jimny should be able to stay up with the competition. Watch for our first drive review to find out the rest once we’re behind the wheel of the Jimny.

In the upcoming months, prices for the Maruti Jimny should be made public. It will compete with vehicles like the Mahindra Thar and Force Gurkha. Visit this page to examine how the Jimny compares to its main competitors.

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