Exploring the Extended Version of the Suzuki Jimny, Soon to Arrive in Australia

While you eagerly await the arrival of the five-door Suzuki Jimny in Australia, why not delve into some insights from its brochure?

The highly anticipated extended version of the Suzuki Jimny is drawing closer to Australian shores, and come November this year, we can expect an official unveiling of its pricing and specifications.

Drive had previously reported that over 1000 individuals have already expressed their interest in the long-wheelbase off-roader. If you’re among those eagerly awaiting its release, here’s something to keep you occupied.

The Australian market has been accustomed to the three-door Jimny models originating from Japan. However, the five-door iteration is also being manufactured in India through a joint venture with Maruti Suzuki.

For the past couple of months, the five-door Jimny has been available in the Indian market. While there might be some differences in details and specifications between the Indian version and the one bound for Australia, perusing the Maruti brochure could provide answers to a few of your questions before the new car is launched locally.

In terms of cargo space, the elongated wheelbase of the Jimny offers 332 litres with the rear seats folded, and 211 litres with the rear bench in its standard position. This represents a noteworthy improvement over the three-door variant, which provides a mere 85 litres of luggage room in its compact 4×4 form.

The brochure showcases a selection of color options, with the vibrant ‘hero’ Kinetic Yellow and the striking Sizzling Red both complemented by contrasting roofs. Additionally, the full spectrum of colors including grey, blue, black, white, and red are presented in all their splendor.

While the base trim of the Sizzling Red car in the Indian market features halogen headlamps, black steel wheels, and the absence of fog lamps, it’s important to note that Australian variants might feature different color and trim combinations.

Beyond the color palette, the brochure details an array of official accessories. These offerings encompass body cladding elements, roof racks, weather shields, and even decal kits. However, keep in mind that the local option catalog might feature a more limited selection.

For those eager to stay ahead of the curve, a digital version of the owner’s manual is also available for download, providing valuable insights even before the car’s physical arrival in Australia.

While much of the brochure pertains to the Indian market version, there’s one crucial point to highlight. In the Loading and Towing section (8-1), the Jimny manual specifies: “Trailer Towing: Your vehicle was originally designed to carry people and a normal amount of cargo. Do not tow a trailer.” While specific details are not provided, it’s suspected that this might be due to the absence of an approved (and engineered) tow bar for the Indian market.

The existing three-door Jimny available in Australia carries an unbraked towing capacity of 350kg and a braked towing capacity of 1300kg. However, it remains uncertain if the forthcoming Australian five-door models will align with these figures.

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