DAMD Tunes Suzuki Jimny Into A Little G-Class And It’s Adorably Badass

DAMD Tunes Suzuki Jimny Into A Little G-Class And It’s Adorably Badass

Who wouldn’t want a little G-Class? That’s why DAMD’s Little G. Aventura kit makes the Suzuki Jimny look like a rugged little, luxurious off-roader

As is plainly obvious, the Suzuki Jimny is adorable. However, some buyers prefer that the little off-roader looks rugged, as well as adorable, and Japan’s DAMD has just the body kit for them. The Little G. kit offers Mercedes G-Class style at a fraction of the size.

Certain parts are marketed as Little G. Standard, while others are sold under the Little G. Aventura name, and offer add-ons that can be used to give the Jimny even more off-road, trail-ready style.

Starting at the front, DAMD offers a new Little G. Standard Front Bumper, which fits into the widened fender flares. They, in turn, work with the aluminum step kit that makes it easier to get into and out of the Jimny.

A little higher, the Little G. Standard front grille offers luxurious style thanks to its chrome plating. Meanwhile, the caged headlights will help with off-road performance, and work with the raised and caged turn signals on the hood, while the Little G. hood cover gives owners a hood bulge to make the SUV look more powerful than it did when it left the Suzuki factory.

At the back, the rear bumper also works with the widened wheel arches to give the body kit a more cohesive feel. In addition, the taillights are LED, and can be made to illuminate sequentially.

Side molding can help protect the Jimny’s paint, especially when you’re reaching up to the Solid Rack. The box-shaped platform offers a number of anchor points to tie boxes down and is made of steel plates. In addition, IPF work lights can be added to the front of the rack to offer more lighting on the trail or the camp site.

To help owners get up there, DAMD is also offering a ladder made of steel piping with a wooden trim piece. This matches the spare tire guard, which is also made of black steel and wood.

Although each piece is available individually, the entire kit, in addition to the Little G. wheels, costs 1,045,000 yen ($7,002 USD at current exchange rates).

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