Is a Jimny a fuel-efficient vehicle?

Due to its exceptional toughness and SUV-like fuel efficiency, the Suzuki Jimny is a fantastic alternative to the normal mid-size SUV. The Suzuki Jimny uses the most gasoline, using 6.8 L/100 km on average. The litres per 100 kilometres, or L/100 km, unit of fuel consumption measurement is most frequently used. In 2021, the Suzuki … Read more

5 distinctive features of the Maruti Suzuki Jimny!

The Maruti response to the enduringly well-liked Thar has already begun to make its impression on the market. Maruti has received more than 25,000 reservations for the vehicle in just over a week since it was unveiled. Via Nexa stores, the Jimny, which has finally entered the Indian market in a 5-door disguise, is accessible. … Read more