Top Pros and Cons of the Maruti Suzuki Jimny 4X4 5-Door

Pros and Cons of the Maruti Suzuki Jimny 4X4 5-Door

In India, the Maruti Suzuki Jimny 4X4 5-Door made its debut. We thus go through its main benefits and drawbacks that you should be aware of before purchasing.

  • It comes with an optional manual or automatic transmission and a standard 4X4 powertrain.
  • Just two variations are offered
  • India’s 23rd Auto Expo saw the premiere of the Jimny 4X4.

The Maruti Suzuki Jimny 4X4 is currently available. It generated a lot of excitement before making its Indian debut. The audience has, however, had a variety of reactions to the 5-Door Jimny. It has a typical 4X4 system but only comes in 2 variations. We go through this product’s key benefits and drawbacks below to help you understand it better.

Jimny 4X4 from Maruti Suzuki – PROS

Excellent Performance

Jimny performs exceedingly well because of its lightweight chassis and small size. Global trials and tests have been conducted on its overall performance. We haven’t yet put the Indian-spec Jimny through its paces. However, we believe that the K15B gasoline engine and manual transmission combination will be enjoyable to drive together. Competitors like Mahindra Thar & Force Gurkha, however, also provide strong performance but with significant NVH levels. Due to its use of fewer components overall and its petrol engine, the Jimny is an exceptionally quiet SUV.

Recognizable brand

Jimny is a globally distributed product. Jimny has a great brand value and is widely known for its off-road skills internationally. However, the Indian specification is a 5-door model whereas the worldwide model is a 3-door variant. The enduring brand reputation of Jimny will benefit long-term new customers. It is renowned for being dependable and requiring little upkeep. However, it is anticipated to have a high resale value in the long term. In the long run, Jimny will likely experience a situation similar to that of Gypsy.


Maruti Suzuki has given increasing passenger safety a primary focus while designing the Jimny. The safety features that come standard on the Jimny include hill hold assist, hill descent control, braking LSD, and even six airbags. The company also claims that high-tensile steel was used throughout the whole production process. Due to the combination of all these safety features, Jimny is a strong contender in its market.

Compact Dimensions and Design

Jimny is a charming and distinctive SUV. Its boxy shape and large size make it easy to see on the road. Therefore, whenever it is introduced in India, it will be a sight to behold on the road. The Jimny is one competent SUV, all owing to its small size. Because of its ladder-on-frame chassis design, Jimny can readily manoeuvre through congested areas. The breadth and general contour were created by Suzuki in a highly user-friendly manner. Additionally, its tiny size is advantageous in off-road circumstances. The installation of 2 more doors has made the Indian specification a little longer. However, Maruti Suzuki asserts that it has maintained the SUV’s capabilities. Jimny has a distinct fan following across the world due to its small size.

Specifications and Engine

A robust 1.5-lt K15B petrol engine is included with the Jimny 4X4. On it, no hybrid technology is used. By alone, the K15B is renowned for its useable power and oomph. The Jimny has an outstanding power-to-weight ratio even if its 100 bhp of power would appear to be less on paper. Jimny is able to function flawlessly on any surface because to its lightweight chassis. Suzuki has also included the ALLGRIP PRO 4X4 system as standard equipment. The Jimny has incredible off-road capability thanks to locking differentials. With the Jimny, one may choose between a 5-speed manual and a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Cons of the Maruti Suzuki Jimny

Insufficient interior space

Despite having five doors, the Indian specification has less room. You may watch our most current video evaluation of its interior area below. It is ideally suited for 4 adults, as was made quite obvious in our evaluation. However, the lack of breadth is obvious, and we believe that competitors have more inside room to offer. Jimny also lacks functional areas like bottle holders on the door pads. We believe that the internal space management may have been more effective.

Lack of Diesel Engine Choice

There is no denying the Jimny’s capabilities, but diesel power is still unrivalled. Customers prioritize diesel engines above anything else, especially in SUVs. Diesel engines often perform better in regions with poor traction because of their torquey nature. But what about Gypsy? Additionally lacking a diesel engine, it is nonetheless regarded as the king of off-road vehicles. Why? because of the chassis’s low weight and great power-to-weight ratio. Diesel engines, however, provide lower running costs and improved fuel efficiency. Competitors offer better if you desire diesel power and torque. The Jimny emphasizes a quiet and comfortable off-roading ride.

The Jimny SUV is already available for reservation through Maruti. However, we are yet unsure of its price. Although its introduction is rumoured to occur in the upcoming weeks, we anticipate it won’t be inexpensive. We anticipate the pricing to range between Rs 9 to Rs 12.5 lakh. Mahindra has also introduced a RWD-equipped, more cheaper version of the Thar. After Jimny is introduced, the lifestyle SUV market will undoubtedly become more fascinating.

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