Maruti Jimny will be released in the second week of May; details on the engine, features, and availability are known.

Maruti Jimny will be released in the second week of May

We haven’t heard anything new on the impending Maruti Suzuki Jimny in a very long time. To compete against the Gypsy, which is considered a cult classic in India, Maruti is launching the Jimny. The Maruti Jimny 5-door variant was unveiled on the second day of the 2023 Auto Expo.

Following the introduction, official reservations for the eagerly anticipated five-door Jimny began through Nexa dealerships and online. The popular off-road SUV’s launch information is now revealed. The Maruti Jimny 5-door is expected to debut in India around the second week of May, according to reports.

Next week is expected to see the release of the Maruti Fronx crossover SUV, which debuted at the Auto Expo with the Maruti Jimny. The five-door version of the hugely popular Jimny is offered in five monochromatic and two dual-tone colour variants.

Sizzling Red, Granite Grey, Nexa Blue, Blush Black, Pearl Arctic White, Sizzling Red with Bluish Black Roof, and Kinetic Yellow with Black Roof are the seven colour choices. Only two variations of the Maruti Suzuki Jimny 5-door are available: Zeta and Alfa. The Zeta and Alfa models come standard with a 4X4 setup.

Maruti Suzuki’s factory in Gurugram produces the Jimny 5-door, which is then sold to other countries. The Jimny 3-door model is expanded into the Jimny 5-door. The wheelbase of the Jimny 5-door SUV is 340 mm longer than that of the standard 3-door model. According to its measurements, the SUV is 3,985 mm long, 1,645 mm wide, and 1,720 mm tall. The ground clearance is 210 mm.

Its departure angle is 50 degrees, while its approach angle is 36 degrees. The Jimny’s cabin is well equipped. It has an infotainment system with a 9-inch touchscreen, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, and automated temperature control. Cruise control, six airbags, 15-inch alloy wheels, fog lights, and LED headlights with washers are additional amenities.

A 1.5-liter K15B petrol engine powers the Jimny, which is coupled to either a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed torque converter. 103 horsepower and 134 Nm of torque can be generated by this engine. Maruti’s All Grip Pro is included with this off-road SUV. Since the company began taking reservations for the Maruti Jimny, it has received over 23,000 bookings as a result of its popularity.

By paying a nominal fee of Rs 11,000 during the Auto Expo, Jimny may be reserved. Soon after, Maruti raised the deposit requirement. Jimny can only now be booked for Rs 25,000. Despite the huge number of reservations, people are lining up to make them. According to reports, Jimny has already made more than 23,000 reservations. The Jimny is being offered at showrooms in a few Indian towns.

The Maruti Jimny has received almost 23,000 bookings since the company started taking orders, which gives you an idea of how popular it is. The SUV has already begun to arrive at showrooms all around the nation.

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