India Sees The Debut Of The All-New Jimny 5-Door And The All-New SUV Fronx


Maruti Suzuki India Limited, a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation in India, has announced the international debut of two SUV models at the Auto Expo 2023 in the Delhi suburbs of India beginning on January 11, 2023*: the all-new SUV Fronx and the all-new SUV Jimny 5-Door.

Beginning in FY2023, Maruti Suzuki will start selling the all-new Jimny 5-Door and the all-new Fronx. With these, Maruti Suzuki’s SUV lineup will include four models, giving buyers more choices in the rapidly expanding SUV market in India.

It is planned to sell the Jimny 5-Door and Fronx to markets in South America and Africa.

New Jimny 5-Door’s General Layout

In 2018, the fourth generation Jimny was first produced and sold in Japan before being imported into Europe and Oceania. People from all across the world have responded well to it. The Jimny’s production began in India in November 2020, with the primary goal of exporting to Africa and South America.

The brand-new Jimny 5-Door, the fourth generation Jimny’s domestic debut, will take place in India. It is a unique specification with customised rear seats and interior decor used in the back compartment, as well as freshly installed rear doors for a 5-door design. The Jimny 5-Door, like the Jimny 3-Door, will deliver the driving performance that customers demand from a true off-roader. To appeal to a wider variety of customers, the brand-new Jimny 5-Door has embraced design and equipment.

Indian Specifications.

  • Overall Dimensions: 3,985mm x 1,645mm x 1,720mm
  • wheelbase of 2,590mm
  • Petrol 1.5 L engine
  • 4-speed AT/5-speed MT transmission

New Fronx’s General Layout

The all-new Fronx is a new-genre SUV with a tiny, easy-to-drive body and a powerful, agile coupe appearance. The imposing and dominant presence of an SUV is shown by the large and obtrusive front grille as well as the front and rear style that emphasises extension to the sides. The sporty coupe’s sloping rear end accentuates a slender and fluid proportion. For comfort and convenience, it has embraced cutting-edge technologies including a 360-degree camera, head-up display, wireless charging, and rear-seat air conditioning vents in addition to a high-quality interior that effectively utilises available space.

Indian Specifications.

  • Overall Dimensions: 3,995mm x 1,765mm x 1,550mm
  • 2,520 mm in wheelbase
  • : 1.0L DITC engine (mild hybrid)
  • Petrol, 1.2 L (equipped with idle start-stop technology)
  • Transmission: 6-Speed AT with paddle shifters and 5-Speed MT (1.0L)
  • AGS/5-Speed MT, five speeds (1.2L)

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